University of Baltimore Calendar of Events The University of Baltimore is an upper-division and graduate university located in Baltimore, the economic, cultural and governmental center of Maryland. Flexible scheduling options, a hands-on approach and instruction by current professionals allow students to define, refine and even reinvent their careers. Strong ties to the city and the surrounding community make UB a unique place to learn and to work. The University of Baltimore is comprised of the School of Law, the Yale Gordon College of Liberal Arts and the Robert G. Merrick School of Business. en-us 03/20/2020 <![CDATA[Spring Break March 20, 2020]]> <![CDATA[Network Maintenance March 20, 2020]]> <![CDATA[CANCELED: Alternative Spring Break Community Service at Digital Harbor High School March 21, 2020]]> <![CDATA[Yoga Saturday by Students Supporting the Women's Law Ctr. Social March 21, 2020]]> <![CDATA[SEB Application Deadline! March 23, 2020]]> <![CDATA[Upper-Division Writing Placement March 24, 2020]]> <![CDATA[Excel 1: Getting Started March 24, 2020]]> <![CDATA[Individual Consultations for the July Bar Application March 24, 2020]]> <![CDATA[Lessons from Legends in Real Esate Featuring Diane Cho March 24, 2020]]> <![CDATA[Individual Consultations for the July Bar Application March 25, 2020]]> <![CDATA[LinkedIn Workshop March 26, 2020]]> <![CDATA[Spring Happy Hour featuring the deans as guest bartenders March 26, 2020]]> <![CDATA[Upper-Division Writing Placement March 26, 2020]]> <![CDATA[Exemplary Practices for Leaders in Higher Education March 26, 2020]]> <![CDATA[Math Placement March 26, 2020]]>
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